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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 26, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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why is he scary? check this out. >> oh, so cute. oh! >> woah. >> oh! >> oh! >> i knew it. >> ha! >> that is great. >> oh! >> how about beckel in there? it's a big hit on you tube. that is your last call tonight and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. be sure to join me and the gang tomorrow, greta will be back tomorrow night at 10:00. good night. >> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling, andrea tantaros. it's "the five."
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♪ ♪ >> greg: new york paper called "journal news" is under fire for printing names and addresses of local gun owners and adding a map that shows where they live. some gun owners are ticked, which is wrong. because this article is the best argument for gun ownership ever. if you knew idiotic editor would out non-gun owners wouldn't you get a gun to protect yourself with the thugs the paper enabled? the non-gun owners made them the easiest marks. look at this map. what do you see? not just pockets of gun owners in red, but pockets without. how comfy would you feel knowing the gun-free zone was public. media champion privacy but only for the folks they life. listening to the media talk about guns is listening to a tree talk about algebra.
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consider celebrities like beyonce speaking out on gun control. someone might tell her of all the problems her husband jay-z has, owning a gun ain't one. i bet if there were a gun map of hollywood it would light up like rudolph's nose. if a starlet's house doesn't show up, the gun belongs to a bodyguard or boy toy. the next time a liberal asks a gun, return the question and preface it with the fact that the answer once public impacts his family safety. the best response is someone asking if you own a gun. none of your damn business. but you are welcoming to find out. not by opening a paper. >> kimberly: menacing. >> greg: was it? >> kimberly: it frightened me. i'm across the table from you. >> greg: since when, kimberly, did asking about guns not be a personal thing? when i was growing up, people in neighborhood, it would be like asking your best friend how much money his dad made. it was something you didn't bring up.
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that created favor for even else. >> kimberly: i thought about first, yes, incredibly inappropriate to do. they're outing people who are exercising their constitutional right to own a weapon to protect themselves and their families. think about the potential liability as well. what if the homes get robbed? homes are robbed many times for the fire arms contained within. i know. >> greg: you have done it many times. >> kimberly: it happened to my husband's house in san francisco. they know you have weapons and they try to get them. >> greg: some people own guns because they're underthreat; therefore, you are publishing the address of somebody who might be under threat. >> eric: the only people upset with this are people who don't own youngs. i have a browning over/under, if you want to know what the business end of it looks like, come through the house. it won't matter if i'm the "new york post" or "new york daily news" or not. people who own guns, publish it. that is the point.
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this is a safety factor. this house protected by smith and wesen, you mean business. >> kimberly: i have a bumper sticker. >> greg: this reminded me in allentown where you once lived people would put alarm signs on their houses when they didn't have an alarm that used to tick me off because i pay for the alarm. >> andrea: i had a fake car alarm for the car, i couldn't afford the alarm, so i was one of those people. you are a former magazine editor. this is hardly irresponsible. there is a way to do the story like there always is, they could have done it with journalistic integrity, publish the number of people in each town or went town by town. this is basically demonizing the gun owners as well. this is a manhattan based paper. suburb of manhattan. they always do this. they treat gun owners like they are sex offenders. now it's not -- the liberal
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way is acceptance. this is let's identify people with guns. but really, it's hitting i think neighbor against neighbor. >> kimberly: like they're lepers or pariahs. >> juan: you're boll loxed me on this. i thought you'd come out with a rant that said why did they do this, poor gun owners. you're saying great! eric says i'm all for it. the bad guys will runbe in the other direction. you know whyed they did it? in the aftermath of connecticut a lot of people think people with a lot of guns, well, you know what? it's a public safety issue. do i want to live near people with a young of guns with arsenal basement? >> eric: where is safer, the area with all the guns or without guns? >> juan: unlike you, i don't goins and i feel safer without guns. >> eric: three dots.
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that suburb they posted had thousands. the one with three dots or the one with thousand dots is more safe than new york city? >> juan: obviously not. the odds are that you will shoot your wife or the wife will shoot you. i'm just telling you, that is who uses the gun. or adam lanza shows up -- no, bad guys. you have fantasies about bad guys. it wish they had dots forthe bad guys who had the guns. kilthat is the point -- >> kimberly: that is the point. >> juan:be in my neighborhood bad guys with the guns who are intimidating, maiming. >> why are gun owners treated the way the sex offenders are? why do they take a data base to monitor them in the nefarious way. >> juan: this is the government. >> andrea: they are outing them like they have done something wrong.
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the same way you are carded if you buy allergy medication. symptom of greater disease. gawps you have a permit to own a gun. >> andrea: would you be comfortable if the address was out just mine is. >> andrea: writers of the journal news. >> juan: the guy wrote the article revealed he owns a gun. i am in the phone book. it neem the newspaper. >> kimberly: call me. >> juan: thank you. for all of us, there is a high degree of risk. one thing that greg says on the show that is true, we're guarded. people guard us. that is not the issue. i'm not anti-second amendment but be realistic. there is a public safety issue with people access to guns. >> eric: you have it backwards. >> juan: thank you. >> eric: if you took the country and did the same thing on the map of the country the safest places to live with the places with lots of dots not
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with no dots. >> juan: you are wrong. >> eric: i'm not. >> juan: i live in urban america. 34 people a day die from gun injuries. >> greg: you have toughest gun control laws, don't you? >> juan: that's what i'm saying. we need to absolutely look at why access to guns is so easy. why in new york city, you said manhattan doesn't have dots. why are so many guns? >> andrea: bad guys get the guns. >> eric: you know who else doesn't have dots? city of chicago. washington, d.c. doesn't have dots. but finally crime, crime with guns are exploding. >> juan: that is what i said earlier. i wish they had a map with bad guys with the guns. where do the bad guys get guns? states with less gun control laws. >> kimberly: put illegally on the street because they don't want to commit a crime with a weapon registered to them. the one guy registering the
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gun and committing a crime with your name. we can find out. >> kimberly: you have to do ballistic. >> juan: they can close the gun show loophole. >> greg: is there really one? i tried to find it. just if you don't have a license to sell gun but you are a collector of gun you can sell a gun to eric bolling, antigun control and he doesn't have to go through a background check. that is legal. >> greg: has there been major crimes committed by people who got guns that way? >> juan: i don't know. >> greg: me neither. i want to read this. a lot of celebrities have come out for gun control. jesse james hasn't, motorcycle moge with infamous love life. read a part from the facebook
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post that struck me that made the point for me. he said the rights to self-protection in the middle of all the death and violence in long beach, california, where he lives, my shop west coast choppers was never robbed or broken in to, in 20 years. it was pretty common knowledge in the neighborhood that i carried, and would defend my business. isn't that the real fact? when people know you have a gun, they have done research on this. celebrities -- i mean criminals are less likely to go to a place where they know it's armed. >> andrea: do you see gun violence in texas? not really. everybody has a gun. i want to make a point about celebrities. the ad you referenced in the monologue, was jennifer aniston, gwyneth paltrow, and they starred in movies with guns. they love the exercise the first amendment right, which they can, even hypocritically. but doing it against the second amendment.
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they can't have one without the other. if you start talking about taking away the second amendment, that is a slippery slope. >> juan: protect your first amendment right. >> andrea: i didn't tell them that. in the ad they are speaking against -- gawps they are not. i don't think anyone wants to take away the second amendment right. you have a right to own a gun -- >> andrea: you don't? >> juan: it's wrong-headed in terms of a militia. you're not an militia. >> it's a militia. from another era. is freedom of the press outdated? printing presses -- >> juan: we still have printing presses. >> greg: you know i go to the gym every day for my quads, and cnn is on at that time. they ask this question how is the different than posting the
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prices of your homes? is that the dumbest question you heard in your life? that's cnn for you. i couldn't resist. eric has the latest on the fiscal cliff standoff. how is starbucks trying to help lawmakers come together? you can do better. next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. are you like me still scratching your head over why speaker boehner asked the caucus to vote for raising taxes and promising them that the senate wouldn't bother signing the bill anyway? left you wondering why anyone signs a dock tenant goes against their fiber, document to be used against them with the constituents? about the darn thing was d.o.a. in the senate i?
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way. the republicans are losing the debate on the fiscal cliff. this is obama's economy. let the president and the democrats own it and own the national debt. own the defense cut. instead, boehner and the gang allow the president to star in his own superhero film. he will cut the hawaiian vacation short and come back to save us mere mortal from the fiscal cliff. winning the optics war and winning it big. juan, how did you get the ball back from the republicans? they had it. this was obama's economy, his face calf cliff. now boehner fails on the vote and next thing you know, the ball is in your court. >> juan: i think you are right. i think boehner at the moment looking weaker. he is out of this altogether at the moment. his troops abandoned him. he is okay keeping the speaker
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on january 3 when the republican caucus vote but you are hearing rumors about eric cantor who is next to him launching some kind of a coop at the moment. i don't know where it goes. but it seems that he is in a position where the republicans in the senate and the white house are really the ones who will negotiate the deal. you have ten or 19 in the senate. will he have a vote? >> eric: 32 bills passed out in the senate waiting for a vote. >> kimberly: this is ridiculous. imagine having the advantage. say you play basketball and five guys on your team and the other side has one player and you are still getting beat because you keep turning over the ball. that's what it seems like. they have. leadership crisis. there is a split within the
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party how to approach this. obama got to go on vacation in hawaii. >> eric: taxes revert to the bush tax cut expire and president obama says republicans look at this. tax cuts for everyone making under 250. can republicans say no to tax cut in 2013? >> andrea: it will be tough. not tougher than the p.r. battle they are fighting now. i think he wants that scenario, eric. i think obama thinks going off the cliff is a win for him so he can pass the obama tax cut and say look, i'm bringing in revenue. i lowered the deficit. pass his tax cut. a win and he can blame the g.o.p. i would argue i don't think the g.o.p. had the ball on this fight. i don't think they gave it up. i don't think they had it. it's very tough for them to win against the white house like this. and a white house press corps that is not going to report anything negative against the president. >> eric: the ball is a debt
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ceiling. remember, all the negotiations, tell you, i'll get to greg, they have to go through the house. money negotiations go through the house. if the house says no on raising debt ceiling they can create havoc. go ahead. >> greg: i don't care anymore. >> kimberly: okay. you did last week? >> greg: as a human being in this discussion, i have already lost. both options going over the fiscal cliff and not going over the fiscal cliff are losers. that leads to a big lie. when this was made it was supposed to be bad for both sides. remember, high taxes and democrat sweet 16 party. they love that stuff saming that to dems is saying i don't know sardines and mill sack bad for cats. they love this. that shows how democrats crank the republicans. the democrats are so good at politics. politics to them is like inmates making shivs. they do it all day.
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so at the end of the day they can stab you. republicans are going what just happened? i just got stabbed. that is what they do for a living. they're good at politics. >> eric: president obama said according to the "wall street journal" on thursday, boehner offered $800 billion in revenue increases. president obama said those don't count. those are mine. what is up with that? just o >> juan: obviously what the president is talking about is three times that for revenue increases. we'll give you a third of that. you know what? you have to count this as something we give you to negotiate with. you have to give us something for it. the president says they have substantial budget cuts in place. and we are talking about serious, serious tax hike. republicans don't -- >> andrea: admit it. face calf cliff is not the fiscal cliff. it should be called returning to the clinton era tax rate.
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isn't that the democrats' dream? return to clinton era tax rates? >> juan: that was 39%. that is not a big deal. not comparable to rates under reagan or going back to clinton. clinton was 39%. >> eric: that is where we are going. what about this. every time boehner an obama get close to a deal, president obama moves the goalpost back. >> kimberly: he is playing hard ball. this is the problem. he is going hmm to you, republicans. i don't care about that. that is nothing. i get that for free. he is the guy changing the play for his side. what about the right? >> juan: the american people. look at the poll, they think president obama is willing to compromise. >> andrea: which is ironic. [ overtalk ] >> juan: who are the obstructionists? it's my ideology, i can't negotiate. even if we go off the cliff, endanger the whole economy. >> greg: here is thing. the idea of adhering to a
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principle in this world is seen as extremism, trying to limit government and cutting taxes. what obama is able to do is shift the argument from cutting and spending to now spending and borrowing. cutting is part of it. >> eric: leave it there. coming up, the day after christmas. you know what that means? all the bad gifts are going back. tell you what the five of us got from san. the plus, this woman says she was fired from her job for from being too sexy. her boss couldn't handle it. her story ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: welcome back. rough couple of months for republicans. they first lost the presidential election. i guess you can keep the music going. why not? losing ground for negotiation on deal for fiscal cliff so no surprise they are using hope for the future. "washington post"/abc news poll says 72% of the g.o.p. is fearful about what lies ahead in 2013. all right, so let's take a look at the 72% of republicans say they are very fearful, which is up by double digits than what they were i guess under president bush. so greg, are republicans more grounded in reason, they see the future as nail biter?
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>> greg: conservatives are vampire killers. liberals hate the vampire killers. so the republicans are terrified that the government is expanding. the vampires are hopeful. >> andrea: have you been watching "twilights >> greg: i have been home with the flu watching vampire movies. >> andrea: noah's neighbors were hopeful for the future, too. >> kimberly: they're hopeful because the guys got in. they are entitlement dancing over their head. i would be in a good mood, too. people who are realistics that earn a living and pull out the wallet to pay for stuff.
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you got worries. look at the numbers for holiday shopping. worst in four years. what does it tell you about optimism across the country? >> andrea: juan, are you in denial about the future? >> i must be. consumers have been optimistic. the latest numbers aren't great. the consumers are driving the economy. christmas season shopping. >> worst in four years. retailers aren't down about it. >> kimberly: drinking out of beckel's glass, too. >> juan: republicans were living in a bubble and now they're depressed and sad. >> andrea: are you sad? >> eric: 72%. here is how it breaks down. assuming, close to this. on the republic on the right, you have very stamp
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conservatives. establishment rhino, squishy republicans. 100% of conservatives are worried. they are worried bad. 50% of the pie. 50%. add half of squishy ones and that 172% on the -- 72% on the right worry what is to come. what is to come could be ugly. >> "new york times" is wishful thinking. there is an article saying the tea party might not be over. they are caving on big, is. taxes and two is immigration. on taxes if the "new york times" were accurate wouldn't we have a deal by washington? >> greg: they are nothing but vampires.
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saying the tea party doesn't have influence they said that since it started. look at the lie abiding yokels to see them as crazy people. they are just sticking to one principle, limited government. they look at something with no principles like occupy wall street to elevate them as heroes. principles that are mold. >> andrea: republicans might have reason to fret, too. the leader, speaker john boehner and the approval rating is lower than speaker pelosi. who is a vampire. 51% boehner unfavorable. juan, you said people say boehner is safe and i have been hearing opposite. i like boehner. tough situation. trying to herd cats. i don't agree what we did the other day to put a bill on the floor he doesn't have support for. but you think he won't hold on. >> juan: i think he will hold on.
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i don't think there is enough time before january 3 to line up. what happened to john boehner, my gosh, they -- his troops abandoned him. >> andrea: mccarthy is the whip. he should know how many works he has. >> juan: he works for boehner. >> kimberly: but he goes back -- it was a mess. >> juan: the dynamic didn't make sense. this goes back to what eric said. he, what everybody on the far right side why am i not going to put a vote in place not coming to reality. there >> exactly. no way, true conservative doesn't want taxes to go up. >> juan: but this is where we differ. negotiate and compromise if
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you care about the country and the economy at some point. i have been elected but let's goletnegotiate. >> kimberly: is president obama going to negotiate? >> eric: if it doesn't start with 250,000 it won't pass. >> juan: wait. obama went up. he went up to 400. that is negotiate. >> andrea: what has he done on entitlement? >> juan: what are you talking about? he did the chain cp that i shall would bring down. not true. i am telling you. >> andrea: boehner to his credit concedeed something. but the last one was not a smart one. >> greg: can we talk more about vampires? >> andrea: commercial break. now a word for our sponsor why we talk about vamps. coming up, is it okay to fire an employee for being irresistible? married dentist did just that. we'll tell you about it next. >> after working side-by-side, i didn't have any idea that that would have crossed his
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mind. ♪ ♪ want to know what i did in the last five hours? i played a round of golf. then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: is it a horrible offense to be too good look? apparently so in iowa. they ruled a dentist james night had a right to fire his dental assistant melissa nelson for being too irresistible. and a perceived threat to his marriage. nelson worked in the office for ten years said she viewed knight as father figure and was fired after his wife complained about his infatuation with her. >> after working for so many years side-by-side, i didn't have any idea that that would
11:39 pm
have crossed his mind. i think it sends a message that men can do whatever they want in the workforce. >> kimberly: not nice. but apparently the iowa supreme court disagrees with me. eric you are laughing. >> eric: i'm laughing can you manual if she was fired for being too not good looking. there would be outrage and uproar. >> kimberly: ten years of good service. >> eric: we are discriminated against all the time. time. >> kimberly: the good looking people. >> andrea: not for humility. >> juan: mr. sensitivity here. >> kimberly: i feel bad for her. i can see in the photo is picture of a child. she is a mom. apparently she is quite attractive head to toe if you know what i mean. the dentist admitted to his wife or did something that the wife caught on to it or didn't
11:40 pm
like to way the woman looked. quite sexy. why are you shaking your head? >> greg: this is a plot line from l.a. line episode for 20 years ago. this is how you -- all you do is go back and look at the old tv sears on law and go to court. it works every time. this is women on women sexism. the man has nothing to do with it. the wife is saying i had enough of this. get out. having said that, there is more discrimination against the homely than there are against the hot. i wonder how many women lost their jobs to this woman because they weren't attractive enough. think about that, america. >> kimberly: that was interesting. part of the problem is that he said her clothes were too tight, too sexy, too revealing and that was a problem for him to be able -- actually, i would like my dentist to concentrate. maybe is it a problem. >> andrea: that is not why she got fired. she worked there for ten years. they were having, i guess,
11:41 pm
they had texted back and forth about her sex life or something else. she did not complain. remember, america, she didn't complain. the wife found the text and said i don't like her, the this is ra threat to the marriage. fire her. perfectly legal. america, guess what? being a hot woman is not a protected class. >> greg: another point. women should not be in the workplace. >> kimberly: what are we doing here? >> andrea: her case, she says sexual discrimination. she a woman and they replaced her with a woman and it's got a lot of women. >> kimberly: i bet it wasn't a hot woman. i wish we had the picture. but ruling, all the boys, the boys on the court said yes, no money for you. he can fire you. >> greg: if you are happily married and want to hire a nanny. woman is hiring. what do you do? a beautiful nanny comes in or a guy named steve. >> andrea: you hire the guy
11:42 pm
named steve. >> eric: steve gets the job 100% of the time. freddie both of you are going this can't happen. >> andrea: it's legal. if the hot woman tried to say i didn't get the job because i was too hot. too bad. being hot is not protected -- >> greg: what if you like pudgy guys named steve? >> juan: kimberly said the guys on the iowa court. there is no protected class here. totally crazy, after ten years, what is going on here? wife, on to that. the wife. i think -- are you kidding me? men in the workplace, of course we look at women. >> kimberly: one time i had a fortune to meet too hot for citibank, the puerto rican italian. she was. she's really hot. anyway. >> greg: you could not work anywhere else. >> kimberly: there she is. see what i'm talking about? >> andrea: unfortunately for her, she is not protected.
11:43 pm
>> kimberly: maybe not a good idea to be too hot. moral of the story. >> juan: you are saying thi this? >> kimberly: unless you work at fox news. hot and smart is not a crime. >> andrea: unemployment rate for hot chicks is zero. >> kimberly: coming up, what we did for the holidays. we have more. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ freddi >> juan: it's the day after christmas. a lot of people are cleaning up and hitting stores to return unwanted gift and reflecting on what the day
11:48 pm
meant. eric, what did you get? >> eric: a got a couple of things from my brother-in-law. got an amazing set of knives. this is important, they're like -- >> kimberly: more weapons in your house. >> eric: they're not steel, they are the sharpest knives you have seen in your life. they are going to last forever. >> juan: you are not returning it? >> eric: no. i got these. cuff links. >> andrea: the knives cut through tin can. >> eric: cut through anything. >> kimberly: nives are expensive. that is a nice gift. >> andrea: soda stream. do you know the device that turns water to soda. >> kimberly: is that good? >> greg: i want that and the ear cleaning device. it's the same thing. >> andrea: you know what they say about the ear and nose cleaners, buy it before someone gives it to you. >> kimberly: i thought you'd say regift it. >> juan: too beautiful to work at fox, what did you get?
11:49 pm
>> kimberly: i wish you got me a soda stream, instead of back-to-back pictures of you. >> greg: i know you'd use it to clean the gutters. >> kimberly: for christmas, i got a beautiful purse from my mother-in-law. it looks like a silver box. >> juan: you are not taking it back? >> kimberly: no. i love it. it's gorgeous. i got perfume from my ex-husband's girlfriend. very nice. my former mother-in-law. >> juan: the husband ex-girlfriend gave you a present? >> kimberly: very nice. we exchanged nice gifts. >> andrea: fascinating christmas exchange. >> kimberly: modern family christmas exchange. >> eric: future counseling. >> greg: my apartment we had an amazing feast. we exchanged gifts. by "we" i mean me. by everyone, all my stuffed
11:50 pm
animals that i had around a cardboard box where we feasted off an old jar of peanut butter. i got nothing. you know what i had? flu. i was in bed for two days. >> kimberly: you are still sick. >> greg: i am. >> juan: i got amazing stuff. my favorite, i think you will appreciate this. i like baseball. my wife gave me a baseball that artisan made a kladeidescope. i have a bad back, and you lay on it to stretch your back. if i was smart enough not to talk about it on tv i'd return it. waste of time and money. i don't get it. >> greg: gifts that are meant to help an injury. no fun.
11:51 pm
>> andrea: i have pictures of christmas. this is my sister's dog. show a picture because i'm in this chair today. that is santa. the ugly sweater party that my sister had. it wasn't here friday swept a picture from that, too. my sister andry in ugly sweater. that is my brother dean. i had my ugly shirt. >> kimberly: it doesn't look ugly. >> andrea: but it looks awful. >> kimberly: were you disqualified? >> andrea: i didn't win the competition. >> juan: john hammer, the guy in mexico because he brought in a shotgun he got out in time for christmas. this is good news. look at that. christmas miracle. >> kimberly: i know he is having health issues, very sick.
11:52 pm
stomach flu. now he is doing well. >> eric: thank that mexican judge who signed -- i can't remember her name but signed a release. saved heartache for people. >> kimberly: very good. right thing to do. law prevails. >> juan: the law prevails. as long as your guy winnings. >> kimberly: correct. >> juan: in terms of bringing guns to mexico. >> kimberly: he wasn't committing -- >> juan: all right. hang with us. because one more thing is coming up next. a you won't want to miss it. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: if you knew what kimberly said, it was offensive. >> kimberly: i wasn't talking about you. >> greg: time for one more thing. i don't know where to begin. juan? >> juan: well, holiday season, holiday spirit. gift-giving season. take a look at this. this is the epitome of christmas joy. >> we are going the game, huh?
11:57 pm
going to the game. [ laughter ] >> juan: what you are seeing there is don buchanan in oxford, alabama, his son tan gave him, his dad, a hat. and it was an alabama hat. said dad, look at the hat size. the dad did and inside were tickets for january 7 game between alabama and notre dame. those tickets are hard to come by. and there is dad saying son, we're going to big championship college game. >> kimberly: awesome. just it's awesome. you can see he had such an emotional positive reaction, that is just ecstatic. merry christmas. >> kimberly: go notre dame! >> eric: dad should be more ecstatic when alabama crushes -- >> kimberly: wait. wait. take it easy. take it easy. >> i'm a big notre dame fan but this is the men playing the boys. >> andrea: roll tide. >> juan: what is with you? >> greg: so much gratitude
11:58 pm
about the hat. >> juan: my gosh. >> eric: literally had nothing to talk about for one more thing. here is what i will do. >> kimberly: you had all day. >> eric: norm, i will host cavuto at 4:00. i just bought for juan williams. >> kimberly: all right! >> juan: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. >> andrea: bring that device for christmas, the back cruncher. >> juan: the stretcher. the thing they make a commercial to mock. >> andrea: boflex. >> kimberly: i like that commercial. >> greg: i bet. >> andrea: this is a cool story. the police officers in newtown, connecticut, have been working hard. police officers from neighboring towns decided to come in yesterday and give those guys and gals the day off. so alternative police officers came in. they worked for them. the police officers that have had a horrific last couple of
11:59 pm
weeks to have the nice memories with the families. >> kimberly: a good story. >> andrea: police force is really support each other. >> kimberly: unique idea. what can i do to help? good practical way. they have been working around the clock and they can be with their families. awesome. >> greg: oh, me. banned phrase. resolutions. nobody actually does resolutions. but you think everybody does resolutions because when turn on tv or open a newspaper or read a magazine, somebody is doing a story on resolutions. if there were no reporters asking do you have resolutions there would be nobody talking about resolutions. next time a reporter says what is a resolution, keep kicking reporters in the knees. then start kicking them. >> kimberly: you know they are -- you are going to break it anyway. >> andrea: you banned resolutions before the new year's eve show? >> greg: i did that on pu


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